I'm Vladimir

It's nice to meet you!

One year ago
I lived in Russia.

Moscow is very comfortable and nice city. I liked living there. But I changed my life. 

I came to Israel

It's an interesting country with excellent people and warm climate.

Now I live in Haifa. And it's cool!

Some words about my interests


    I've been progrmming all my life. I wrote  my first program at 6 years at work of my dad. It was a simple program on pascal whitch draw Russian flag in pseudographic. Then I wrote funny programs at school and first commercial software in high school. 

    Since then I've written  many programs in diffrent languages, and I never cease to enjoy this process.


    In 2012 I bought my first laser engraving machine. It was a cool "toy" of a big boy. At that moment I fell in love with these machines: 3d-printers, CNC-routers, laser cut and engraving machines. I had 3d-printer in Russia. It's not a technology of the feature any more, it's a very cool technology of today.


    In 2010 I developed some systems of home automation and security. It was expensive and complicated, because there was no cheap wireless interfaces. That is why when Espressif Systems released ESP8266 I was happy to dive into the IoT development.


Real male happiness to observe the result of their work. Welded a beautiful gate, made a wooden frame for the picture or built a house-creation is the meaning of life.

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